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Cycling Initiatives Will Boost Local Tourism

Local Councillor, Anthony Lavin (FG), has asked the County Council to utilise more cycling facilities in the North County in an effort to boost local tourism. He put forward the question at the recent council meeting, and said that new local cycling initiatives would give local towns a much needed tourism boost and highlight our beautiful coastline. He told the County Leader: “Given that we are in such close proximity to the Airport, I feel that there is a real opportunity here to make the North County a destination  for cycling tourism,” he said. “When you look at similar schemes that are currently active around the city centre and throughout Dublin, you can see how a similar scheme would be equally successful at a local level.” “We have a truly beautiful coastline that will really get a boost with a cycling tourism initiative. Visitors could just hop on a bike and will then see all the treasures that our towns have to offer,” he said.