Green School Leads The Way!

A Swords primary school has brought recycling to a new level by creating their very own street entirely from recycled materials! Miss Paula’s class from Thornleigh Educate Together National School built ‘Recycle Street’ using straws, egg boxes, milk cartons, tinfoil and cotton wool. The ‘green’ street has its very own hospital, petrol station, school and even a JC’s. The imaginative project teaches children the importance of recycling and being environmentally aware. “We’re trying to get a Green Flag from the County Council. Here at Thornleigh we operate a learn together programme. We teach children about ethics and the environment. We encourage them not to litter and show them what their rubbish can be recycled into,” said Teaching Principal Paula Carolan. “We try to make the children aware of the responsibilities of the environment.” Thornleigh only opened its doors to students in September 2008 and are already using interesting initiatives to teach children about doing things the ‘green’ way. It’s obvious that the children really enjoy learning about recycling materials by the wonderful work they’ve done on ‘Recycle Street’. “We really love ‘Recycle Street’,” said Ella, one of

the students. Thornleigh will not only be celebrating Pancake Tuesday this week but also the Mardi Gras festival. One class have created their very own Mardi Gras masks for the festival that signals the beginning of Lent. Thornleigh are starting their very own tradition by celebrating a carnival that is usually not commemorated here in Ireland. This new school is definitely on the up with their original and varied approach to teaching.