1,100 Jobs To Go At SR Technics

SR Technics is to cease operations in Dublin Airport with the loss of over 1,100 jobs. With hundreds of local people employed with the company this has caused a shock throughout the North County. The news was not entirely unexpected as the company, formerly known as Team Aer Lingus, has been in difficulty for some time. In a devastating blow to the company in February last year Aer Lingus announced they would only be renewing one of their four contracts with the company. With things only getting worse from there, there were plenty of doubts surrounding the company. Local TD Michael Kennedy has expressed his sympathy for the families and hopes a resolution can be found. “It’s very disappointing that management see fit to make massive redundancies. In the coming weeks and months we hope that management will reassess their situation and devise some sort of package suitable for everyone. The loyal workforce at SR Technics are highly skilled and have a lot to offer,” said Deputy Kennedy. Last month Gulf Air, one of SR Technics biggest customers, announced plans to terminate their contract with the firm. Darragh O’Brien TD has stated his determination to find an alternative employer for the area. “This is very devastating news for the people employed at the SR Technics facility. I have been in close contact with the Tánaiste about the facility and I will continue to keep in touch with her office with a view to finding a replacement industry as soon as possible,” he said. Some 1,075 permanent staff and 60 apprentices are facing redundancy when the formal notice of termination is sent to employees on March 14th. Cllr Clare Daly blames the Government for privatising Team Aer Lingus in the first place. “SR Technics was formed out of the old Aer Lingus Maintenance & Engineering section. It was given away for practically nothing to FLS and later sold on to SR Technics. The Aer Lingus fleet has expanded over the past decades so if anything the number of jobs should be increasing. Many of the workers are our former Aer Lingus colleagues and they should be still in employment alongside us,” she said. Her claims were echoed by Labour’s Cllr Ciaran Byrne who said, ”There has not just been a complete government failure to regulate the financial services companies, especially the banks, but their aviation policies have also undermined the basis of our national and regional economy.” SIPTU, the largest trade union at SR Technics, are hopeful that around 200 jobs can be salvaged in the line maintenance division if the firm can successfully out source contracts to another firm. Local TD and Minister for Food Trevor Sargent has stressed the importance of protecting other jobs in the airport and helping the communities affected. “The knock-on effect will almost certainly mean further job losses in the airport and surrounding areas. The news of a further 200 jobs being lost in the Airport due to Ryanair reducing its summer schedule only serves to underline the urgent need to take immediate action. We need to look at all options to help alleviate this terrible situation,” said Deputy Sargent. SR Technics is currently operating at a cost of 20 per cent more than the market is willing to pay according to chief executive Bernd Kessler who also said the recent loss of major contracts confirmed the company have no future in Dublin. Michael Kennedy TD has said he will endeavour to attract replacement employers for SR Technics and in the meantime hopes a resolution can be found for the workers.